Group Sessions

Group acupuncture session also called community style is an acupuncture session that involves a group of people getting treated within the same room and at the same time. Usually, sitting in a reclining chair, one by one each member is asked what they would like to be treated for and then treated. The practitioner then moves on to the next person until everyone has received acupuncture and resting for at least 20 minutes. There is no need to undress, we only use arms, legs and sometimes the head. This is great for families, employees, get-togethers, and especially for people who want to save time money.


Let us meet you at your home. Extend the awesomeness of natural health care to your family. Family group sessions can save you a ton of time and money. We can actually give treatments to more than one person at a time. Just imagine, everyone in the family gets treated at once. Keep you and your family strong and healthy without having to book multiple appointments, different time schedules, and long waiting times.    


 Show appreciation for your employees and at the same time improve productivity and performance. Are your employees sitting at a desk, typing or on the phone all day? If the answer is yes then most likely you have an employee that suffers from some kind of muscle tension and pain, not to mention the everyday pressures of the workplace which lead to high-stress. What if you had the ability to bring the best out of your staff? Acupuncture is a powerful tool to relieve pain, increase mental focus and physical activity. Give your team the ability to function at their optimum level.   


Having a “get together”? Kick back and catch up on current affairs with friends while enjoying a relaxing and nourishing acupuncture session. 

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