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Covid-19 New guidelines and Procedures in the clinic

We are happy to announce that as of May 12, 2020, we will reopen our doors to the community. For the time being, we will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by appointment only. Below are a few things you will need to know before coming in for your appointment. 

Things will look and feel a little bit different than before but the care and treatments provided will still be the same. Our goal is always for you to leave healthier than when you came in. This is why we are following all required precautions until further notice.  

What to expect when you come to the clinic:
  •  We are taking all of the sanitation measures required to keep our office and treatment rooms properly clean before and after each and every one of you.




  • Please take your temperature at home before coming to the clinic. If you have a temp of 99.5 or higher please stay home.

  • While asymptomology is a real issue with COVID, please stay home if you present any symptoms at all

  • Come wearing a mask and expect to keep it on at all times

  • No gloves please – let us be the ones to wear them

  • Limit materials you bring in to your appointment, only necessary items.

  • Limit touching surfaces when in the clinic

  • Please come alone to your treatment, unless you require assistance.

  • If you arrive early, please wait in your car until a few minutes prior to your treatment. There is no sitting in the waiting room.

  • We will take your temperature at the door, then ask you to use hand sanitizer, then head straight to your treatment room.


  • Please keep your mask on for the entire duration of your treatment so pick the right mask for you

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, and keep on undergarments if possible to minimize use of towels. If you are chilly, we have them.


  • In an effort to limit contact at the desk, we will take payments by running cards on file

  • If you prefer to write checks, please bring your own pen or fill them out ahead of time.

  • To schedule your next appointment, we can send you options via text or email.

  • At any point, we may have to close due to county or state recommendations. We will notify you as soon as possible.

  • We are required to close for 2 weeks if someone has reported a positive case of COVID 19 who has been in.


I am excited to see you all again. Stay safe and healthy!

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