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Ear Seed 


What are ear seeds and what can they do for me?


Ear seeds are used to apply pressure in specific areas of the ear that correlate with all the different parts of your body. There are thousands of different areas on your ear that can be stimulated in order to achieve a therapeutic healing effect. This is known as auricular therapy.  

Commonly people are using auricular therapy for pain relief, stress, fatigue, and PTSD. Although, it is used by Chinese Medicine practitioners to help with so much more.  

An interesting fact is that the U.S military has now been using auricular acupuncture to treat veterans for chronic and acute pain conditions. Here is a link to read a really cool article we found (Battlefield Acu).

The most common seeds used comes from the Vaccaria plant In Chinese they called it Wang Bu Liu Xin Zi. Internally this seed is generally used to treat painful conditions that are brought on by blood stasis.

If you are interested in an auricular treatment or would like to set up a free consultation please fill out the contact form below. Ear seed application can last 10min or less.

Feel free to call as well, if you have questions: 910-782-7333

Please complete the contact form below

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